Rhythm of Nature Diffuser Blend Pack


Using only 100% pure essential oils in each blend, helping to relax, uplift, energise and reset the energy ~ body, mind and spirit.


When a day at the Day spa is calling but life is needing us elsewhere. Create a serene space with Renew, helping to recharge the batteries, invigorate the senses and stabilize the being. A mindful blend that invites a balance of clarity, peace and a sunnier disposition.

Cleansing, refreshing, clarifying, uplifting yet deeply calming. Elevate encourages a happy, open heart away from fears and invites us to take a joyful and relaxed approach to life. Elevate is the spirit lifter and giver of grace, ease and adaptability. Breathe in the sunshine, light the fire within and dance along with life.

A relaxing clarifying tonic for the mind and soul. Chill is the perfect blend for creating space and peace within. Encouraging tension to release, moods to mellow and allows the energetic being to soften and be.

Soothe and uplift the spirit with Solitude. A deeply grounding yet revitalizing blend to help shift feelings of stagnation and overwhelm to flow, hope and optimism. Creates a peaceful ambience for personal reflection and inner peace.

Resilience Blend is a custom blend of 100% pure essential oils that work to strengthen immunity and defensive Qi. Helping to relax, uplift and renew not only mind and spirit but also encourage the physical to relax and expand while building up inner resilience against life and some of the pesky bugs that go with it. Fight the good fight like a peaceful warrior, protect and nourish your space and being. Breath is life. Use in a diffuser, a steam inhalation, blend in with a base oil and apply to soles of feet, clavicles, behind the ears, back of heart. Or add a few drops to the shower floor and breathe in the steam vapour.

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