Aromatherapy Balms 10mL


Aromatherapy balms yo help you through the toughest of times. 

Calm Temple Balm

Calm is a relaxing, anointing balm to draw you back to a state of peace and calm. Encouraging the spirits to be soothed and lifted while helping the mind to slow down and chill. The perfect accompaniment to bedtime rituals, meditation, yoga, travel or during times of unease. Anoint. Soothe. Surrender Store in a cool dry place. In the rare occasion discontinue if irritation occurs.

Tummy Troubles & Travel Balm

A soothing blend of essential oils and plant essences to help support and calm anxious tummies. Alleviates motion sickness. Handcrafted originally for my then 2 year old for aiding motion sickness, blending with the intention of soothing the digestive system and calming the nervous system, I sought traditionally and historically used pure natural ingredients. The results spoke for themselves. This blend is also great for leaving in the handbag for anytime you are caught unawares with an upset or anxious tummy. Flower essences used help to soothe and stabilise the nervous system.

Apply to temples, back of neck, behind the ears and onto the wrists. Take a deep breath, release with a gentle sigh and smile.

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