Wake Me Up Calm Me Down Set


This intentional duo is designed to help you create a moment of sacred stillness, deep replenishment and reconnection to self. It's time to Awaken to your inner world and Dream big.

An amazing citrusy wake-me0up elixir using pure essential oils of the Lemon Scented Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle grounded and soothed with Australian Sandalwood. A blend to awaken, revitalise and reconnect the whole being. Honour yourself, your heart and your authentic power. Stay with yourself and listen closely to your inner knowing, the answers lie within.

A sleep time aromatherapy blend, helping to calm the mind, centre the energy and create space within oneself to breathe, unify and deeply relax. Floral but very fresh, Rose Geranium leads the way in scent, blended amongst other calming 100% pure essential oils it is then popped with the lightness and expansion of Petitgrain and Eucalyptus and grounded in Frankincense.

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